While most people’s memories are visual, Ellen’s are vividly painted in scent, defining Ellen’s world since birth. Having grown up in such diverse cultures as Sweden, Canada and USA, Ellen's extraordinary scent library grew exponentially. Still unaware of her gift and the option of a career as a perfumer, life chose a different path for Ellen in political finance. A chance encounter with a world-renowned Grasse Perfumer changed everything. As the meeting turned into a daylong session, Ellen’s extraordinary ’nose’ was finally recognized by an expert. 'It was one of the biggest moments of my life’, Ellen says. Ellen searched her soul and subsequently chose to change her life completely. After four years of perfume studies, honing her expertise and handcraft, the eponymous niche brand was launched in 2018. 


ED is the embodiment of subversive, artisanal haute perfume for free thinkers. As both founder and perfumer, Ellen's visionary approach and nonconformist ethos can reign supreme in daring perfumes that stand above pleasing the masses, hiding the wearer’s own scent profile, or pleasing passing market trends. This divergent ideology permeates bespoke and tailored perfume by appointment, commercial perfumes, in addition to scent branding for events and spaces. 


For ED, embracing a dark eccentricity is a more authentic representation of life. People are complicated. Beauty is flawed. Perfection is static. A synergy of art and science, ED's nonconformist vision, expert techniques and premium ingredients come together in complex scents inspired by such diverse areas as the dark melancholy of the Nordic nature and psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s theory of scents connected to archetypal human character traits.


Created and refined in her independent laboratory in Stockholm, and bottled in small batches in Grasse, in the south of France, the perfumes celebrate Ellen's gift for reimagining classic raw ingredients to attain evocative contemporary scent profiles that interact with your pheromones, making a scent that is totally unique to you. The unisex perfumes skullfully balance tradition and innovation, always paying homage to Ellen's Scandinavian heritage and with the finest raw materials available, with aim to celebrate and protect our environment. 'I make perfume that perfectly reflect the unmistakable personality of those who wear them. Not the other way around’, Ellen says.